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Google Yourself We all have googled ourselves.  Some more often than others, and most not because we have big ego’s, but we are curious to see what it is that the world sees about us.  Google has offered little to no support in controlling what it is that googlers see about us, until now.  By [...]

IT Expediter – Expediting your blog   This is the third post in a series about blogging your personal brand. I’ve written a post for beginners and one for intermediate users. Please review those posts before indulging in this one. Integrate your social networks As an advanced user, you better be on social networks. Since [...]

This is my official apology for my last post.  It was just a quick list of some of the things that I did.  It was more of an online location for me to post some personal notes.  I wanted to take some time to rewrite that post so that it would be a little more [...]

Most people have probably checked out www.WhiteHouse.gov at some point in their internet days, and found a dull site that was difficult to navigate. With the inaugoration of Obama, web 2.0 and a whole new face has come to www.whiteHouse.gov. The new site has a section called “the BRIEFING ROOM”, which includes a blog and a [...]