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Ever since the GoPro camera launched it has been changing the face of video production in a number of fields and their latest camera is even higher in quality and they have created a 5 minute master piece filmed entirely using a GoPro all over the world…

Security is a big issue for all IT leaders.  Whether your a CIO, CTO, IT Director, or an IT manager, you are constantly battling security.  It can be very difficult to work on projects to move you forward, when you are constantly fighting to maintain a secure network. New Sources of Attacks US infrastructure remains [...]

So I’m a 24 addict.  If any of you are following this season or caught the episode from 11:00PM – 12:00AM, then you had a chance to see a pardon document produced and signed by the president in just minutes.  For those of you that don’t follow the series, you are missing out and I’d [...]

Quick Overview of upcoming Microsoft Releases The proper tools speed up all development.  We all have our favorite tools for each type of project, and the right one makes all of the difference in the world.  As IT experts we are always watching for the next releases of our primary applications, in hopes to make [...]

IT Expediter – Expediting your blog   This is the third post in a series about blogging your personal brand. I’ve written a post for beginners and one for intermediate users. Please review those posts before indulging in this one. Integrate your social networks As an advanced user, you better be on social networks. Since [...]

Expediting IT Projects – Successful IT Expedition I guess it is time to finally get down to some of the nitty-gritty. Actually, with this being the first post about true expediting, it will be more of an overview.  How do you expedite IT projects…?…  We all have tons of projects on our plates and receive [...]

Most people have probably checked out www.WhiteHouse.gov at some point in their internet days, and found a dull site that was difficult to navigate. With the inaugoration of Obama, web 2.0 and a whole new face has come to www.whiteHouse.gov. The new site has a section called “the BRIEFING ROOM”, which includes a blog and a [...]