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These last couple days have been got.  We are breaking records, and the cool weekend can’t come quick enough.  Yesterday it was 97 degrees, breaking the old record of 94 degrees set in the 80′s.  It normally isn’t this hot this early.  At work our air conditioning is only working in half of the building, [...]

Security is a big issue for all IT leaders.  Whether your a CIO, CTO, IT Director, or an IT manager, you are constantly battling security.  It can be very difficult to work on projects to move you forward, when you are constantly fighting to maintain a secure network. New Sources of Attacks US infrastructure remains [...]

Quick Overview of upcoming Microsoft Releases The proper tools speed up all development.  We all have our favorite tools for each type of project, and the right one makes all of the difference in the world.  As IT experts we are always watching for the next releases of our primary applications, in hopes to make [...]

Expediting IT Projects – Successful IT Expedition I guess it is time to finally get down to some of the nitty-gritty. Actually, with this being the first post about true expediting, it will be more of an overview.  How do you expedite IT projects…?…  We all have tons of projects on our plates and receive [...]

Tracking your results for greater success Anyone doing any kind of marketing online should be using some sort of user tracking.  One of the biggest keys to success is being able to measure it.  You cannot become successful if you can’t measure your success, or have a way to measure your failure.  By knowing your [...]

January 23 , 2009 | | In: align, CEO, CIO, duties, IT Director, Manager, responsibilities

What does a CEO want

Top manager, directors, and officers around the world are constantly asking themselves, what does the CEO want? This can be tough, sometimes, from an IT perspective.Nobody said the CEOs want server logs or firewall dashboards or virtualization tutorials. What they want is inspired leadership, customer-focused innovation, and a relentless business focus that makes cash flow [...]