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These last couple days have been got.  We are breaking records, and the cool weekend can’t come quick enough.  Yesterday it was 97 degrees, breaking the old record of 94 degrees set in the 80′s.  It normally isn’t this hot this early.  At work our air conditioning is only working in half of the building, [...]

There are few things that stand out in my mind from year to year.  Normally these phrases are short, incomplete sentences that pack a powerful punch behind them.  There are 3 words that have just about always stuck with me, “Child like faith.”  I’m not going to go in too deep on the philosophy or [...]

Expediting IT Projects – Successful IT Expedition I guess it is time to finally get down to some of the nitty-gritty. Actually, with this being the first post about true expediting, it will be more of an overview.  How do you expedite IT projects…?…  We all have tons of projects on our plates and receive [...]

January 23 , 2009 | | In: align, CEO, CIO, duties, IT Director, Manager, responsibilities

What does a CEO want

Top manager, directors, and officers around the world are constantly asking themselves, what does the CEO want? This can be tough, sometimes, from an IT perspective.Nobody said the CEOs want server logs or firewall dashboards or virtualization tutorials. What they want is inspired leadership, customer-focused innovation, and a relentless business focus that makes cash flow [...]