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Although Linkedin is an excellent tool for personal professional networking, it has not always been the best for a company to communicate with a larger audience. These simple tools that are now available will help you build community around your company…

New figures released by Stumbleupon show the potential of the site to increase traffic and social activity. More than 50 per cent of social media referral traffic in the U.S. is generated by Stumbleupon, so how does it currently feature in your marketing strategy?

A new campaign from Canadian phone company Bell Canada lets you create a personalized portrait made up of all the words that you have personally used on Twitter and Facebook. You can then print the portrait or enter it in to a competition to be made in to a giant billboard…

Dick Costolo has just announced Twitter’s new partnership with the X Factor USA, to allow viewers to vote via Twitter for the first time. Though Twitter has been dabbling in media integration recently, it represents their most significant media partnership to date and could suggest a new focus for the website.

Guest Blog by C.G. Lynch, CIO, CXO Media Inc Original Post on CIO, Guest post on Successful Thinkers Meetup by Josh Shackelford Tweet This   Twitter’s growing popularity has yielded one unusual result: It has exposed the frailty of writing skills in the business world. You can fudge bad writing in a 20-slide presentation, but [...]

If you’re a beginner, please see my previous post on blogging your personal brand. 1) Start adding links to your posts All of your new blog posts should contain links. These links should link to blog posts you’ve created previously, other people’s blogs or additional resources that may support your thesis or commentary. When you [...]

1) Learn about blogging Before you even start a blog around your brand, introduce yourself to the concept. It helps to know what you’re getting into before you rush in and “only fools rush in” as they say. If you want to know the difference between traditional media and social media, check out this New [...]

This is the final post in a series about blogging your personal brand. I’ve written a post for beginners, as well as intermediate and advanced users. Please review those posts before reviewing this one. 1) Podcast your brand on your blog Whenever I talk about podcasts, I typically think of video, but many bloggers choose [...]

This is the third post in a series about blogging your personal brand. I’ve written a post for beginners and one for intermediate users. Please review those posts before indulging in this one. 1) Host your own blog Instead of borrowing someone else’s space and redirecting your domain name to that space, you have the [...]