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Like the mighty pen for a writer, our mouse is our tool that we bond with and bring our dreams to life.  I had the experience of using a wacom tablet a few years back, and unfortunately I don’t have one right now, but I wanted to take a moment to share a few details [...]

Internet Explorer Developer Tools One of my developers said “Microsoft finally put out something worth installing.”  I had encouraged everyone that I work with to install Internet Explorer 8, even though it has just been released.  Many were shocked.  You see, the normal policy for installing Microsoft products, is to wait until the first service [...]

As awful as it is, everyone can finally agree that we are in a recession.  Small and medium business owners have known this for a while.  Even though the news agencies and government advisors weren’t ready to accept it.  Many small business and new start ups are looking at bartering to help them get past [...]

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