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New figures released by Stumbleupon show the potential of the site to increase traffic and social activity. More than 50 per cent of social media referral traffic in the U.S. is generated by Stumbleupon, so how does it currently feature in your marketing strategy?

With Facebook’s recently launched ‘talking about this’ metric for brand Pages, we are able to get a more accurate view of the level of conversation around a brand, as opposed to a pure numbers-based approach through Likes. So how do the top 10 brands on Facebook perform, for ‘Likes’ vs ‘Talking About’ ?

A new campaign from Canadian phone company Bell Canada lets you create a personalized portrait made up of all the words that you have personally used on Twitter and Facebook. You can then print the portrait or enter it in to a competition to be made in to a giant billboard…

An analyst has recently claimed that brands are becoming too reliant on Facebook, at the risk of loss of consumer data and privacy. Should this be perceived as a risk, or instead as an indication that the way we do business is changing, for the good?

7 Relationships All Leaders Need (And How to Build Them) Tweet This   As a business leader, relationships are critical to your current and future success. But, what sort of people should you surround yourself with? Here are seven people every leader needs in their life and ways you can start (or continue) building these [...]

DDoS Attacks On Twitter, Facebook Result Of Massive Attack On One Person Tweet This It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, and for those that know me, you understand some of the crazy things I’ve been going through and working on.  Recently there has been some outages on Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal and some other [...]

In order to get the most out of your blog you need to get it seen by the most amount of people as possible.  Many bloggers setup a new blog on a free service such as wordpress, typepad, blogger, successful thinkers, or even just utilize facebook.  Each one of these sites as a unique following [...]

Google Yourself We all have googled ourselves.  Some more often than others, and most not because we have big ego’s, but we are curious to see what it is that the world sees about us.  Google has offered little to no support in controlling what it is that googlers see about us, until now.  By [...]

This is my official apology for my last post.  It was just a quick list of some of the things that I did.  It was more of an online location for me to post some personal notes.  I wanted to take some time to rewrite that post so that it would be a little more [...]

So many people trying to build a following behind their blogs, Facebook profiles, Successful Thinkers profiles, and even their tweets, often forget about the power of email.  I thought that this would be a good time to mention a few different formats for getting your message out. Social Networking Social networking is an amazing opportunity [...]