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New technologies are constantly coming out.  Our challenge is figuring out out to leverage them for our success.  Tweet This Google is will be launching a new platform called Wave.  The Google Wave is suppose to leverage social networks to enhance communication. Check out what one of its founders had to say.  "Back in early [...]

Is your city listed?  100 cities from all over the US have been selected as the best places to launch a new business. I was depressed to see that my city (Stockton) was not on the top 100 list, but that was to be expected.  After all… it has made the top 10 list for [...]

Part 2 In part 1 we discussed how to prepare yourself for new innovation during this recession.  Hopefully you’ve taken the time to evaluate where you stand and are now ready to take advantage of the endless opportunities that abound.  After all, wealth is established during a recession.  Most successful people built their foundation during [...]

You cannot “save” your way to greatness.  Instead you need to invest in your core values, protect your foundation, and begin to innovate.  Technology is a great place to start. If you want to come out ahead, you will not be able to just hold on to every penny and wait for this recession to [...]