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7 Relationships All Leaders Need (And How to Build Them) Tweet This   As a business leader, relationships are critical to your current and future success. But, what sort of people should you surround yourself with? Here are seven people every leader needs in their life and ways you can start (or continue) building these [...]

Tweet This   You will spend more time working than you will with your own family.  It is important that you do what your love.  Right now there are a lot of people hurting for an income.  Many businesses are suffering slower sales, or even a loss.  Barely keeping their head above water.  It is [...]

Here are just a few life adventures that have lead to some extraordinary successful businesses.  The people truly were all successful thinkers.  Remember to watch for opportunities all around you. Tweet This Life Adventure: Bill Treasurer, 46, conquered his fear of heights by confronting them. Working as a professional high diver for seven years, he [...]

Many entrepreneurs mistakenly think that making the sale has to do with using the consultative selling approach, special listening skills, likeability or any number of popular questioning or closing programs. Sure, they’re all important aspects of selling. But the granddaddy of them all–the one factor that guarantees your sales success more than any other and [...]

There are few things that stand out in my mind from year to year.  Normally these phrases are short, incomplete sentences that pack a powerful punch behind them.  There are 3 words that have just about always stuck with me, “Child like faith.”  I’m not going to go in too deep on the philosophy or [...]

Is your city listed?  100 cities from all over the US have been selected as the best places to launch a new business. I was depressed to see that my city (Stockton) was not on the top 100 list, but that was to be expected.  After all… it has made the top 10 list for [...]

Part 2 In part 1 we discussed how to prepare yourself for new innovation during this recession.  Hopefully you’ve taken the time to evaluate where you stand and are now ready to take advantage of the endless opportunities that abound.  After all, wealth is established during a recession.  Most successful people built their foundation during [...]