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There are many .NET component options on the market (even some for free) that will generate PDFs.  Many of them lack the ability to take in a URL and translate it to a PDF.  Programmatically designing a PDF though code just stinks.  Trying to get all of your graphics in place, text and paragraphs to [...]

Before going in to my review of Infragistics Spell Check control, and how it compares to other controls I’ve used, I’m going to discuss the importance of spellcheck.  If you want to skip down to the review, click here. Original Article written by Joshua Shackelford (IT Expediter, Systems Analyst, IT Liaison) Communication getting Relaxed It [...]

Google Analytics API Announced Google announced its new Google Analytics API today.  As a developer, this means more work.  As a business owner or executive, this means more information.  Many of you are already familiar with Google Analytics, as it the best tracking system for free.  When you first started using analytics, you probably learned [...]

Internet Explorer Developer Tools One of my developers said “Microsoft finally put out something worth installing.”  I had encouraged everyone that I work with to install Internet Explorer 8, even though it has just been released.  Many were shocked.  You see, the normal policy for installing Microsoft products, is to wait until the first service [...]

Expediting IT Projects – Successful IT Expedition I guess it is time to finally get down to some of the nitty-gritty. Actually, with this being the first post about true expediting, it will be more of an overview.  How do you expedite IT projects…?…  We all have tons of projects on our plates and receive [...]

Locating people and places in images can be a large task for an individual.  But a community can help with this process. There’s been a lot of chatter on image mapping.  People are naturally visual.  We like to look at things.  We all draw different ideas and concepts from photo’s but no matter who you [...]