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Dick Costolo has just announced Twitter’s new partnership with the X Factor USA, to allow viewers to vote via Twitter for the first time. Though Twitter has been dabbling in media integration recently, it represents their most significant media partnership to date and could suggest a new focus for the website.

I would like to thank CG Lynch with CIO for this postingGuest Blog By C.G. Lynch Posted on Success Full Thinkers Meetup by Josh Shackelford Tweet This While you can use Twitter’s search tool to find specific people, companies, and their messages (“tweets”) on the service, Hashtags allow users to sort topics into useful categories to [...]

Guest Blog by C.G. Lynch, CIO, CXO Media Inc Original Post on CIO, Guest post on Successful Thinkers Meetup by Josh Shackelford Tweet This   Twitter’s growing popularity has yielded one unusual result: It has exposed the frailty of writing skills in the business world. You can fudge bad writing in a 20-slide presentation, but [...]

Google Yourself We all have googled ourselves.  Some more often than others, and most not because we have big ego’s, but we are curious to see what it is that the world sees about us.  Google has offered little to no support in controlling what it is that googlers see about us, until now.  By [...]

So many people trying to build a following behind their blogs, Facebook profiles, Successful Thinkers profiles, and even their tweets, often forget about the power of email.  I thought that this would be a good time to mention a few different formats for getting your message out. Social Networking Social networking is an amazing opportunity [...]