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CISSP Certification: Who should get certified Tweet This   CISSP Exam Guide While I’ve been going through a study guide on getting CISSP certified, I’ve also been looking to get some feedback from other CISSP certified professionals.  I have come across other blogs, and opinions from security professions that question the validity of the certificate. [...]

CISSP Certification: Information Security and Risk Management Tweet This   CISSP Exam Guide Starting at the Top Management is ultimately responsible for the security of the information.  Often this task is put of on IT.  If IT is solely responsible for security, it becomes extremely difficult to implement an effective security practice.  In order for [...]

CISSP Certification: Security Trends Tweet This   CISSP Exam Guide Escalating Concern The crimes of tomorrow are being considered today, and were yesterdays’ nightmares.  As dreams are accomplished, new dreams are created.  As crimes are accomplished, new crimes are created.  Each day brings a new concern. CISSP focuses on stopping the eminent threats of tomorrow.  [...]

CISSP: Getting Certified – All-In-One CISSP Exam Guide Tweet This   All-In-One CISSP Exam Guide Chapter 1 of the CISSP Exam Guide is pretty much just about the requirements of the exam.  I had already done some of this research, but it was good to have in the book.  It was a nice way to [...]

Journey To CISSP: A look at how to get the world-wide recognized security certificate Tweet This   A little background Security has been part of my duties since 2003, when I started working for a mortgage company as an analyst.  At this mortgage company I was responsible for the entire network and development of their [...]

DDoS Attacks On Twitter, Facebook Result Of Massive Attack On One Person Tweet This It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, and for those that know me, you understand some of the crazy things I’ve been going through and working on.  Recently there has been some outages on Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal and some other [...]

Security is a big issue for all IT leaders.  Whether your a CIO, CTO, IT Director, or an IT manager, you are constantly battling security.  It can be very difficult to work on projects to move you forward, when you are constantly fighting to maintain a secure network. New Sources of Attacks US infrastructure remains [...]