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Although Linkedin is an excellent tool for personal professional networking, it has not always been the best for a company to communicate with a larger audience. These simple tools that are now available will help you build community around your company…

New figures released by Stumbleupon show the potential of the site to increase traffic and social activity. More than 50 per cent of social media referral traffic in the U.S. is generated by Stumbleupon, so how does it currently feature in your marketing strategy?

With Facebook’s recently launched ‘talking about this’ metric for brand Pages, we are able to get a more accurate view of the level of conversation around a brand, as opposed to a pure numbers-based approach through Likes. So how do the top 10 brands on Facebook perform, for ‘Likes’ vs ‘Talking About’ ?

A new campaign from Canadian phone company Bell Canada lets you create a personalized portrait made up of all the words that you have personally used on Twitter and Facebook. You can then print the portrait or enter it in to a competition to be made in to a giant billboard…

An analyst has recently claimed that brands are becoming too reliant on Facebook, at the risk of loss of consumer data and privacy. Should this be perceived as a risk, or instead as an indication that the way we do business is changing, for the good?

Dick Costolo has just announced Twitter’s new partnership with the X Factor USA, to allow viewers to vote via Twitter for the first time. Though Twitter has been dabbling in media integration recently, it represents their most significant media partnership to date and could suggest a new focus for the website.

Ever since the GoPro camera launched it has been changing the face of video production in a number of fields and their latest camera is even higher in quality and they have created a 5 minute master piece filmed entirely using a GoPro all over the world…