You cannot “save” your way to greatness.  Instead you need to invest in your core values, protect your foundation, and begin to innovate.  Technology is a great place to start. If you want to come out ahead, you will not be able to just hold on to every penny and wait for this recession to end.  The most expensive resource for any company is labor.  Technology provides a way to minimize the labor overhead in order to serve a large population, without the added labor force. 
Before we come out with some new break through concept that is going to change the world, let’s start with getting the right mindset.

1.  Reality Check
You know we’re in a recession, so don’t go about wildly spending.  Sit down with your budget, cut whatever corners you can.  Keep in mind that your goal is to free up resources to invest in new possibilities, not to just outlast this downturn.  Make sure that you have a solid understanding as to where your resources are coming from.  Secure this position and make sure that this will not go away.

2. Accountability Partner
You cannot do this alone.  Surround yourself with knowledgeable, successful people that will be able to give you constructive criticism.  Do not confuse this with people who get their high from knocking others down.  Some people feel elevated by knocking down the people around them, while others get satisfaction from lifting those around them.  You need to reach out and hold on to those people who will help you achieve your dreams.
Among these are friends, family, social groups, and even Successful Thinkers MeetUp.  Seek out those who will compliment your goals.  While some people with the same ideas and thoughts as you may make you feel good, they often will not be able to help you build a new resource.  In today’s world, many hands and different lines of people are required to bring an idea and dream to reality.  Find these people that will support you and help fill in the missing pieces.  It is ok to get help.

3. Evaluate your strengths
Self evaluation.  Often in a downturn large companies are distracted by the mass exodus.  This is your opportunity to play up your strengths.  Build a list of your top 10 skills.  Rank these skills from strongest to weakest.  Then… focus on the top 3.  You need to play up these strengths and innovate around them.  There are plenty of other GOOD people out there looking for opportunities.  You can leverage them for their strengths, but first, you need to know what your own strengths are.
After you know where you stand financially, emotionally, and where your skills are, then you can grow.  Combined with technology and the low labor costs of today’s recession, this approach will provide a primed opportunity to build success.

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