This is my official apology for my last post.  It was just a quick list of some of the things that I did.  It was more of an online location for me to post some personal notes.  I wanted to take some time to rewrite that post so that it would be a little more beneficial.  Here goes take 2.

I’ve also had a lot of questions about what blogs are.  You may want to start by understanding the blog platform or a definition of a blog.


Here are the steps to go through to get the most distance out of your blog.

1. Find a home
You need to first find a home for your new blog.  I’m biased, so I’d suggest here on Successful Thinkers.  You can write me with questions on how to start one, if you like.  Other options include;

2. Create a blog name
Use your real name (or keywords for your name).  Each time that you post, this name will show up, and it will be in the URL of our site.  URL’s give you a lot of weight and authority with search engines, so you would want to use your company name, keywords, or your personal name (alias) for your blog.

3. Add a professional picture to your profile
Your blog represents you and your company.  It is important to have a professional picture associated with your blog to give you more authority.  In addition, blogs are personal, so people want to be able to connect with the writer.  A professional picture allows you to do this.

4. Write 5 blog posts
If you only have one or two posts, people won’t take you seriously.  You need to write at least 5 articles or posts before continuing on.  If you start driving people to your blog, but don’t have any content, people will leave and never return.businessman


Time to get recognized 
5.Add your blog to a feedburner
rss-feed-icons-300x299Feedburner is backed by Google, so it will give you additional visibility.  In addition, it is a powerful service that will allow you to syndicate your blog with authority.  For now you will just need to trust me on this.  Later I’ll explain more about the power of feedburner.

  • Create a feedburner account or use your google account
  • Create a new feed
  • Name your feed based on your company name or keywords (this will later be in the URL)
  • Add your RSS feed to feedburner

6. Add your blog to various blog catalogs and RSS readers

7. Create a facebook account  feedburner-button
Add your blog to facebook
     a. Click Profile
     b. Click on settings (onthe far right next to "All Posts"
     c. Click on "Automatically import activity"
     d. Click on "Blog/RSS"
     e. Paste in your URL to your RSS feed to your blog

8.  Create multiple blogs
Having multiple blogs will give you more visibility on the internet.  I recommend creating a blog here on Successful Thinkers Meetup, and then cross-posting to other blogs.  The STM engine supports automatic cross-posting, making things easy for you.  Another easy method to keep multiple blogs up to date is using Windows Live Writer.  When posting to multiple locations it is wise to add a line at the top and bottom that states where the blog was originally posted, so that your users know where to go for ultimate authority.  The other blogs that I’m on are Google’s Blogger, and Friendster.

9.  Syndicate your blog on your other blogs
RSS feeds allow you to syndicate your content on to other sites.  If your other blogs support adding RSS readers as widgets, then you should add your primary blog as a feed on your other sites.  This is a very simple process, as most of the time it us just a matter of copying and pasting the RSS link, and since you have already added your blog to feedburner, this is the feed to add to all of your sites.

10. Signup for "add this"
Add This allows you to quickly add a shortcut icon or bar to your blog so that people can share the information that they found on your site with their own social network that they have on other sites.  This utility is free.  You should add it to your content in your side bar for easier syndication.


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