Quick Overview of upcoming Microsoft Releases

The proper tools speed up all development.  We all have our favorite tools for each type of project, and the right one makes all of the difference in the world.  As IT experts we are always watching for the next releases of our primary applications, in hopes to make our jobs faster and easier.  Microsoft’s next rounds of applications might do just that.

Microsoft-Windows-7 Windows 7 RC
I think that many of us have been watching to see what the next OS will bring.  Windows 7 is coming closer to its launch, and its features will defiantly enhance the user experience for both, your everyday users and for all of you power users. Take a look at some of the enhances on the list for launch.  This system is going to blow you away.  I realize that time is limited for IT Directors, CIO’s and CEO’s and many of you don’t have an opportunity to follow the ongoing progress on Windows 7.  If you’re anything like me, you wait for the final release before you get too excited about a new product.  But you might want to take a couple of minutes to review the most recent Windows 7 notes from Microsoft.  It looks like Microsoft is stepping things up with this next release.  If you’re looking to speed up productivity and enhance security, this operating system is going to be a big step forward.

microsoft-ie8-internet-explorer-8 IE8
Internet Explorer 8 released just a little while ago.  Thousands of downloads have been completed and many people share the opportunity to experience more security, faster renders, and truer standards.  I know that all top ranking IT administrators are hesitant in installing any new Microsoft products until the first service pack is released and especially with this being your browser.  Your browser is your life line.  It is where we all go for our day to day operations.  Whether it is research, banking, compliance, or just taking care of our day to day tasks, our browsers need to be dependable.  I’m sure that most of you are thinking… “I’m not replacing my primary application, until I’m positive that it will work on ALL sites.”

Well… IE 8 is looking up. There are tons of positive feedback posts and after years of being behind in the game, it looks like Microsoft is finally stepping up.  Its looking like this next version will help us do our jobs faster, and more securely.  You really should look into the latest notes on IE8.

microsoft-office-14 Office 14
The next version of Microsoft Office, Office 14 has been pushed out, but will sport many more features and integrated tools to make collaboration easier and quicker.  It looks like there will be a 32bit and a 64bit version of Office 14.  As more application go online and many companies looking to turn all of their applications into enterprise applications, you can expect Office 14 to continue in that direction as well.  Document sharing and enterprise collaboration will all continue to get more attention with Office 14.  While not much information is yet out on it, check out what others are saying.


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