microsoft-ie8-internet-explorer-8 Internet Explorer Developer Tools
One of my developers said “Microsoft finally put out something worth installing.”  I had encouraged everyone that I work with to install Internet Explorer 8, even though it has just been released.  Many were shocked.  You see, the normal policy for installing Microsoft products, is to wait until the first service pack.  Microsoft has been known to release software with bugs, so most of us wait until the first service pack before installing new applications.  Especially when it comes to security, and network administration of applications.


Debugging New Interfaces
This developer was working on a new feature for Successful Thinkers Meetup, and was having challenges getting everything to line up correctly.  We are currently working on increasing a groups ability to customize their group own page.  We would like groups to have their own identity, and in order to do this, we need to change a lot of things.  With Internet Explorer 8′s new Developer tools (similar to FireFox’s FireBug), he was able to quickly locate the tags, and styles that were giving him the most trouble.  A multi-hour project took just a few minutes to resolve. All developers should become familiar with the new IE 8 Developer Tools.


web_designTroubleshooting Tags
Trouble shooting tags and styles for multiple browsers can be very frustrating.  Having the right tools can make all the difference in the world, especially when dealing with dynamically created pages.  I’m sure that we all have felt the frustration at some point, where we can’t figure out what is wrong.  We go through the usual, delete process and border process, trying to pin point which object is causing the problem.  You really should install IE8, and check it its new features.  There are many time saving features built in.  And if you are worried about some of your sites not working, there is always the view in IE7 button.


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