Syndicate-Logo In order to get the most out of your blog you need to get it seen by the most amount of people as possible.  Many bloggers setup a new blog on a free service such as wordpress, typepad, blogger, successful thinkers, or even just utilize facebook.  Each one of these sites as a unique following and a new network of people that follow them.  To get the most exposure you will want to reach out to each of these communities.  Here are a few quick tips on getting your blog out to the most number of people, or sites.

Understanding RSS Feeds
RSS feeds are how sites pickup your syndication.  RSS provides a standard xml formatted feed in which thousands, if not millions, of RSS readers can pick up.  Be sure that which ever blogging site you use supports sending out an RSS feed of your posts.  Successful thinkers supports RSS feeds of everything you do.  From blogging to comments, posts, forums, our calendar, announcements and even searches.  Most social networks today, support sending RSS feeds, and many support RSS readers.

rss-best-practices Setting up your RSS
Once you have a blog setup, that you know supports RSS, you will want to register your blog’s RSS for syndication through Feedburner.  Feedburner is powered by google, and will convert your RSS blog syndication to multiple standards.  As standards evolve, feedburner will be sure to syndicate your blog in the format best formatted for the receiving end.

The next challenge is to find out where to plug in your RSS feed for blog syndication.  Some sites such has facebook have built in utilities for merging your blog syndication directly into your wall and the sites content.  Other sites such as myBlogLog (powered by yahoo), technorati, blogged and Google Reader make it easy for you to claim her blog, simply by entering the URL address to your blog.  Remember to always use your feedburner RSS syndication address in all sites, so that you can easily make changes and control your feed. 

rss-burning Force feeding other Blogging Platforms
Blogspot, friendster, and wordpress are all great blogging platforms.  Each one of these has its own audience, and you should include your blog on each one of these sites.  The challenge here is that they don’t always provide an easy way for you to just cross post your content.  You can add an RSS reader widget to the side bar so that your blog posts will be indexed and listed on the side of that blog, but cross-posting is much easier.

My favorite blogging site is successful thinkers meetup blog, which is why I post there first.  Within the configuration of your blog, you can even set it up to cross post your blog to multiple sites, beyond the typical RSS feed.  Cross-posting is an easy way to post once, and to have your blog automatically post onto other blogs.  This simplifies getting your content the most exposure.

Adding your blog to Feedburner
To add your blog to feedburner, start here.
The steps are really easy, so I’ll let you follow their online guide.

facebook-rss-logo-300x300 Adding your blog to facebook
It is a little harder to find where to add your blog, so I have outlined the steps below.
To add your blog to facebook follow these steps. 
Create a facebook account  
Add your blog to facebook
     a. Click Profile
     b. Click on settings (on the far right next to "All Posts"
     c. Click on "Automatically import activity"
     d. Click on "Blog/RSS"
     e. Paste in your URL to your RSS feed to your blog

Setup MyBlogLog
MyBlogLog, powered by yahoo, is a great way to keep track of all of your blogs and sites.  By now, you have probably setup at least 6 different accounts, and are starting to loose track of where your blogs are.  It is best if you create an account on MyBlogLog so that you can easily keep track of all of these accounts and sources.

Another Shortcut to Cross-posting
If you are still having trouble getting your blog syndicated to multiple blogging sites, try using Microsoft Windows Live Writer.  Once you set up each of your blogs within the application, you can quickly switch over to each of your blogs and click the post button to send your post on its way to multiple sites.

More Information
For more information about syndicating your blog to multiple sites, check out my post on Maximizing your blog.

If you are posting, cross posting, or syndicating your blog to other sites, that I have not yet mentioned, please list them below in the comments section and I’ll be sure to update this post with your blog.


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