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You will spend more time working than you will with your own family.  It is important that you do what your love.  Right now there are a lot of people hurting for an income.  Tired-At-Work-sleepingMany businesses are suffering slower sales, or even a loss.  Barely keeping their head above water.  It is important that all of these business owners find their passion.  If you are are one of the unfortunate unemployed, then it is even more important that you live your passion.


Getting Started
When I first started down my IT career path, it wasn’t for money.  There was a large technology boom going on, but I didn’t even notice.  I didn’t pay much attention to industry trends at the time.  Instead, I was following my heart.  I enjoyed helping people.  I was going to college, studying organic chemistry, working part time as a business tech support representative.  I wanted to go into medicine to help people have a better life.  I was working tech support to aid businesses with their technical needs so that I could pay my bills.


My passion to help people, drove me to learn to develop websites, begin programming, and to promote other companies.  By following this passion, I became very dedicated to learning to do it better.  Passion motivates learning.  If you are passionate about something, you will continue continue to push yourself to be better.


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When we all go out and socialize with other, we talk about our passions.  When we meet new people, we talk about our passions.  You will naturally share your passions, and people around you will become more interested in what you have to say, as they see that passion come out of you.  The people that you meet will recognize your expertise and will be drawn to you.


Building a Team
The hardest part about running your own business and following your passion, is the paperwork.  Few people are passionate about paying bills, reading up on laws, paying taxes, etc.  However, you will find that there are plenty of people around you that are willing to help you succeed.  As they see that fire inside of you, they will catch it.  They will want more.  They will want to be part of what you have.  You will be able to create a win-win team for yourself and the people around you, as you all help to build each other.


Terrible Time to Start
Many people will tell you that it is a terrible time to start a business.  And as you begin, you might even be discouraged at the outlook of the current economic trends.  But if you look at the experts, they are all saying that now is the best time to build a business.  Business that start, build and survive through economic turmoil, will come out stronger and more successful than anyone else.  You will find that people are more desperate to work with you, it is cheaper to get started, and your customers are more loyal.  Now is the best time to get started, or to start building.


Life's Journey Looking for a Way to Start
I have been helping startups get on their feet for the last 9 years.  I have a passion to help brilliant entrepreneurs find their dreams and to find ways to achieve them.  Often people have great ideas, but run into challenges in finding economical ways to achieve them.  I can help you get the resources that you need to start your business, or to take it to the next step.  Please leave questions or comments below, and I will help point you in the right direction.  If I am unable to answer your questions, I can put you in touch with someone who is passionate about your topic, and they will help you follow you dreams and keep your passion alive.


Don’t Get Discouraged
As we follow our passions, we often run into things that are not so much fun.  Every job as parts that you don’t want to do, parts that your are not passionate about, and parts that you might not be that good at.  Do not get discouraged about these things.  Instead, reach out to the people around you.  Focus on your passion and let them focus on theirs.  When you come across someone passionate about their field, they will help you because they love what they do.


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