Wow!  What an amazing week.  I played my first AirSoft game, we booked our trip to Sweden, found out we’re pregnant, and I found out I’m one of the finalists for the Valley Apprentice.


airsoft-cqb-sniper Last Saturday I played my first AirSoft game.  I had found out about an AirSoft facility that is just down the street from me called CQB City.  They were hosting a special night game where everyone had to be over 18, had to have comms, and they permitted full auto.  Most of the players were ex-military, and all of the scenarios were extremely tactical.  It was truly an amazing evening.

Booked Trip to Sweden

SAS-flight-sweden Early in the week we booked a family vacation to Sweden.  It has been 3 years since we’ve visited our family in Sweden.  We have been trying to get back there for sometime now, but it has been difficult to coordinate work, finances, and the kids in order to be able to visit my grandparents that are growing old, and all of our cousins.  We are excited to have our kids meet their cousins over there, who are all about the same age.  We had book our flight for September, but had to move it, as we just found out on Friday that my wife will not be able to fly in September because we’re…

Expecting Another Child

pregnant My wife came down stairs Wednesday night, after spending several hours trying to fall asleep.  She came down with a look of panic on her face, and she said “Josh, I need to talk to you.”  From experience, this has never been a good thing.  I started run the day, then the week, then the month through my head.  I was trying to figure out what I could have gotten in trouble for.  I couldn’t figure it out.

She proceeded to tell me that she thought that she was pregnant.  We had planned on having another child, just not yet.  Our plan was to have 2, wait 4 years, and then have another pair.  No we were going to have 3 kids all within 4 years.  This was exiting and scary, all at the same time.  My wife went to get a blood test on Thursday, and we got the final results on Friday.  It is now official, we are having another baby.

Valley Apprentice

valley-apprentice Later, on Friday, I received an email, flag with importance, informing me that I was one of the 40 finalists for the Valley Apprentice.  I had kept this under wraps, as I wasn’t sure I’d even get past the application stage, but I have and am excited for this amazing opportunity to give back to the community, and to possibly become an apprentice to some of the Valley’s strongest business men.  Tuesday is an interview in front of a panel, and then on Friday the competitors will be announced and the teams will be picked.

XenApp6 Citrix Farm

citrix-xenapp After an amazing week, I still sat down at my computer and proceeded to work on building a new Citrix XenApp 6 Farm for Florsheim Homes.  It has been challenging, as I had to rebuild the servers twice, due to a corrupted installations.  Once I got it all built again, the final challenge was resolved with a few firewall tweaks on the Windows 2008 Server itself.

This has been a phenomenal week.  In addition to these amazing milestones, I also hit the next phases for several of the applications I’m writing, joined the Rotary Club, caught up with some old friends, and started building an electronic flash grenade for AirSoft.

I’m looking forward to this week, and the new adventures to come.  I will need to start thinking more about some community charity events for The Valley Apprentice, but am looking forward to the challenge.