While Linkedin has always been a great platform for individuals to enhance their network and look for jobs, it hasn’t always been the ideal social network for companies. Until recently, the number of options that you had were pretty limited, but Linkedin seem to be opening up as a platform by trying to encourage large brands and organizations to do everything from pushing their new products and updates, right through to hiring on the network. Although there are hundreds of things you could be doing to promote your brand, here are a couple of simple steps that all brands and businesses could start with to help build their community on Linkedin.

Creating Your Company Hub

While you use Linkedin for personal networking it’s also important that your company has its own page (You can read all about setting one up here). Through your company page, you can share an overview, careers, products and services, statistics, company employees, new hires and popular profiles and, of course, the main benefit is that you will be showing up in searches around the type of business that you’re doing.

In the same way that employers browse through Linkedin profiles looking for new employees, this is a new way for employees to have a look at what a company is up to and what sort of people already work there.

Building A Community

Once you have the page set up you’ll want to start finding some people to follow your company updates. Ideally, these would be people within the industry, people you could do business with and potential employees. One of the first things you will want to do is head over here and grab a button for your website where people can follow with one click…

That page actually offers you a whole host of buttons that might be useful for your company or brand, including sharing buttons and – interestingly for recruiters – an “apply now” button which will let people following your company page apply for a job with the click of a button..

Update Your Community

The biggest problem with Linkedin was until last month you couldn’t actually send out an update as a company but all that has changed now. Send out good relevant information like blog posts, new hires, videos and general company news to keep everybody updated.