StumbleUpon is often forgotten about, getting lost in the wake of ‘sexy’ social media sites or technologies. Yet it should be an important part of your social media activity, if their latest figures are anything to go by.Use of StumbleUpon may be more about a strategic process than any active campaign, but if done well it can pay off.

StumbleUpon themselves have released an infographic to show how valuable their site is for traffic and social activity. Most impressively, they claim that a link shared via StumbleUpon will get an average of 83 per cent more shares than a link shared through Facebook :

What also stands out in the figures presented is the traffic referral rate of StumbleUpon, which currently generates 50 per cent of the total social media traffic in the U.S. compared to Facebook at just over 37 per cent. StumbleUpon are clearly getting serious about maximising the social and traffic potential of their site.

They have recently launched a new feature of their Paid Discovery section, with new options for advertisers’ content to be discovered. If options for advertisers are increased, then we could see StumbleUpon start to compete with larger social networks for advertising dollars. As everything moves towards streamlined content discovery, they could be better positioned than we might think to profit from this.