It’s a little known secret that I am a huge fan of the GoPro camera which for $300 odd gets you 1080p footage in a tiny shell that can go pretty much anywhere and is changing the face of video in a number of fields. They’ve just announced their latest camera which ups the quality even further and to celebrate they have released a five minute video shot entirely on GoPro cameras around the world that shows the remarkable quality of the product. It’s an ambitious project because trying to hold a consumer’s attention for a full 5 minute advert online is a tough ask but they’ve pulled it off with this masterstroke of a video. You are taken on a journey around the world seeing huge sharks in the deepest oceans to the highest mountains where helicopters drop people off to literally fly down the sides of mountains. It’s the sort of video that makes you instantly buy in to the product and want to own one and their marketing reminds me a lot of Red Bull and it’s no coincidence that their logos appear in quite a few of the shots. Sit back and make sure to change the player to 1080p in the bottom right hand corner and enjoy this in all it’s glory.