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There are many .NET component options on the market (even some for free) that will generate PDFs.  Many of them lack the ability to take in a URL and translate it to a PDF.  Programmatically designing a PDF though code just stinks.  Trying to get all of your graphics in place, text and paragraphs to line up, and then trying to integrate your dynamic content, it takes a lot of time.  Then, just when you think you have got it all just right, the client or boss wants to make a change. 

Converting HTML to PDF

pdf-component-toolMy preferred method to generate PDF’s is from a URL or webpage.  There are plenty of tools for creating pretty webpages, and there are plenty of designers that would enjoy creating the page for you.  Why not take advantage of all of these graphical tools for handing design, and then leveraging existing .NET components to process your data to for merging content?  I have used several free or cheap PDF components, such as aspPDF, which do a decent job at converting HTML to PDFs or allowing you to merge your data and graphics into an existing PDF.  I have also used a variety of mid-range to high end PDF generating utilities such as ASPOSE.PDF, ExpertPDF, activePDF Server, and activePDF webGrabber.


ExpertPDF did the best job at rendering URLs as PDFs quickly while keeping the design of the page intact, and for my purposes was the best fit for PDF generation.  ASPOSE has an excellent budget suite of tools that I use often, and will continue to use for PDF modifications, but had some issues with handling the design layouts of some of the HTML to PDF reports that needed to be generated.  I had started with their HTML to PDF .NET control, and was really trying to get it to work, but couldn’t get the end result to look the way I needed it.   Don’t get me wrong, it does “work”, as it does create a PDF from a URL, but the resulting file seems to be a little heavier, and not as true to the design.  ASPOSE.Cells and ASPOSE.words, 2 other utilities that they put out are fantastic, and I have not yet found anything better for the tasks that those components handle.


pdf-component-toolkitActivePDF was a beast of tool set.  It is an enterprise suite of tools to handle massive bulk generation of PDFs on a PDF server, with queuing and priorities.  However it does not seem to be as fast as other non enterprise rendering engines, but I guess it doesn’t really need to be, if it can queue jobs and allow you to escalate priorities.  This is the same tool that a lot of large mortgage lenders and banks will use for bulk PDF generation of loan docs.  Their WebGrabber tool, which is an add-on to the ActivePDF server, is the component that turns a URL into a PDF, but the design is often butchered, and you need to be very careful with your HTML design.

ExpertPDF Review

ExpertPDF was something that I had stumbled upon, after using all of the other HTML to PDF components mentioned above.  I was having issues with the design of some of the reports as they were rendered, and finally decided it might be better to find a new rendering engine.  The features and options that it presents are amazing.  It was very quick to integrate and eventually swap out in place of the other tools.

Designing HTML for PDF

htmlDesigning HTML for print or as a PDF can sometimes be challenging.  Often people will elect to create a second version of the page, just for print, or have a completely different style sheet.  Common design changes are to narrow the page, and to remove the header and footer graphics, or even to replace the header and footer graphics.  ExpertPDF has tags that it will look for, that making excluding headers and footers a snap, without having to design a whole new page, just for print.  The .NET component also has methods for handling security of the page, and security of the PDF.  Most of the other features are pretty common amongst all HTML-to-PDF components, so I can’t warrant listing them here, but believe me… ExpertPDF is the best HTML to PDF generation tool I’ve come acrossed and used.

Before going in to my review of Infragistics Spell Check control, and how it compares to other controls I’ve used, I’m going to discuss the importance of spellcheck.  If you want to skip down to the review, click here.
Original Article written by Joshua Shackelford (IT Expediter, Systems Analyst, IT Liaison)

Communication getting Relaxed

world_of_communication_poster_400It is amazing at how lax communication has become.  With so many quick methods for communicating, less thought is going in to our communications.  As more methods move mainstream, and become part of everyday life, more people are communicating less professionally.  As a professional you need to take the time to use proper case, punctuation and spell check.  It can be a poor reflection on you and your business if you do not.  Even as I type this, Live Writer is constantly underlining misspelt words, forcing me to correct the words before publishing my post.

Recently I was tasked with adding Spell Check to a thick client application that has been in development for over 5 years.  As soon as it was brought up I thought, “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”.  This particular application focuses on transportation maintenance management, and the maintenance managers commented that they want spell check added to work orders, and comments, so that they can correct their spelling before these reports get passed up to corporate.  Before, nobody ever thought of who might eventually read their work orders, but as the company pushes more on professionalism, the importance of every communication portraying their skill and dedication to the business, as risen to the surface.

When tasked with adding spell check throughout the application, I first went to Google.  I was looking for a free solution spell check component that I could quickly integrate through out the solution.  The first suggestion was using Microsoft Word’s Interop to leverage the spell check capabilities behind Microsoft, but I wasn’t thrilled with the prospect of being tied to a 3rd party application.  We did have a discussion as to whether or not this was a feasible requirement for our end users to have Microsoft Word installed.  Most (if not all) of our users do have Microsoft Word installed, but we were hoping to find a better solution.

communication_cdRecently I’ve been working on a web based .NET application for an insurance company.  We use Telerik’s suite of tools within that application.  They have an ASP.NET spell check control, that we have integrated with parts of the application.  It was not the greatest thing to integrate, but I was hoping that their WinForms version might be better.  Unfortunately, it turned out that they don’t yet offer a WinForms Spell Check control.

Next I discovered NHunspell.  This looked very promising. I downloaded the libraries, and started working with it.  It looked like it was going to get the job done, but there were a lot of little features that I wanted (red squiggle underline, right click correction options, pop-up replacement, custom dictionary, etc), but would have to build out myself.  I was up to the challenge, but could not get over the fact that spell check has been around for so long, that there should be a faster way to implement all of these features.  Hopefully one day, someone, will write a nice library based on the free spell check component NHunspell.

Review of Infragistics’ Spell Check Control for WinForms

We use the Infragistics suite of tools within this project currently, but I had forgotten that they have a spell check control.  After realizing that we already had a spell check control here at our fingertips, that should already be fully developed, I removed the NHunspell code that I had started, and started down this new path.  It was amazingly simple.  I added the component as a reference, dragged it to the form, and then enabled it for each of the text boxes that we wanted spell check on.  I was shocked at how simple it was.  I ran the application, and all of my mistyped words had red squiggles under them.

social-network-communicationNext it was time to add some of the other “bonus” features that we have all come to love.  Right-click context menu with spelling options was added with ease, just following the Infragistics sample code.  To make sure that it worked, I added it to a specific control on the form, but then later was able to move it to a generic function so that I could quickly add this feature to any text box.  It worked out great.  The only thing I wasn’t thrilled with, was that the new context menu replaced the default context menu that had copy and paste options.  Eventually I want to go back and figure out how to get the original context menu back, if there are no misspelt words.

Pop-up spelling correction was just a matter of invoking a method built into the Infragistics spell check control to show the dialog box.  I was disappointed that I could quickly loop through all controls that had spell check enabled, in order to invoke this method.  However, this was remedied rather quickly within the previously created function for adding and initializing other spell check features.

The last feature I really wanted to be part of this release was a shared dictionary.  In order to share the dictionary amongst all users, I wanted the dictionary of words to be stored in the database.  I did not see anything within the library where I could just point it to a table, or database, so back to the drawing board.  I elected to add a few more functions to the now growing spell check helper utility.  I added methods to complete the following, sync local text file dictionary to a new database word dictionary table, sync database to local text file, and then a method to perform 2 way synchronization.  Calls to these methods are triggered when a user adds a word to the user dictionary, or by clicking an option manually within the context menu to synchronize with the dictionary.

dotnet_componentI am so glad that Infragistics had included the WinForm spell check component amongst their suite of tools, but even if we hadn’t already owned it, I would at this point gladly have purchased it.  It was a great library to work with, and has added a very professional feature to our application, that no only will make our application a stronger application, but will reflect on the staff that use it as they are portrayed in a better light to their corporate management team.

I was told I only got two minutes.  And anyone that knows Tracy knows that it takes far more than two minutes to share Tracy’s traits with everyone and to congratulate him on the wonderful wife that he has just taken.  So after much deliberation and review, I was able to cut my speech down to the following.

marriage-rings I’ve known Tracy since we were 12. There is only a week between us and we have been through many different life changing events. All of you know where Tracy is today, many of you have even been able to share moments of his journey with him, but few have had a chance to see him change the way that I have.

Tracy has dated some very odd girls, even some very dark women. There was a period in Tracy’s life that he lived at night. He pretended to be a vampire and played live action roll playing games. It is quite a site to see grown women and men walking around playing “rock, paper, scissors” and holding fingers up in front of them to show that they are invisible.

He has always worked to earn the approval of the people around him. Playing by their rules, struggling to fit in, while pushing to the top to be a leader. He has been constantly changing, working to adapt to the people around him, moving to where ever he thought life would be better. It has been exciting to see him find himself, and to be himself.

20 October 2007:  Michigan State Spartans  cheerleader during the Spartans 24-17 loss to the Ohio State Buckeyes in Columbus Ohio. Before he could commit to someone else, he needed to find himself. When Tracy first told me about Katie, I was skeptical. I was curious to find out more about this “Hot Freshman”, that he had met in college, but doubted this deep connection that he said was growing.

Tracy is a brother to me, I’ve always watched his back, and tried to support him in whatever it was he wanted to do, but also tried to protect him from getting hurt. I remember telling him to be careful with this relationship, and not to grow too attached. I feared that she wouldn’t be ready for his strong personality, and that they both hadn’t figured out what they wanted from life.

When I finally did meet her for the first time, I was shocked. I couldn’t believe that he had finally found and caught what seemed to be a normal girl. Typically his girlfriends would be dumb and beautiful, or smart and strange. As the night unfolded, I was constantly looking for a fault. She wasn’t just normal, but extraordinary and when they left, I turned to my wife and said. “Wow, she is really awesome.” Tracy had finally found someone that was the whole package.

Over the next several months, we spoke more often. I was very curious to see how this relationship would unfold. I was worried that she was just another person to help boost his ego. I tried to stay close, in case he lost this woman he was falling in love with, but noticed that he spoke differently about her. I could tell that she was someone special.

[Turn to Tracy]
perfect-bride I’d like to congratulate you on finding such a wonderful woman. As men we are looking to create a legacy, looking for a woman to support us on our journey, but as husbands, we are looking to support our wives and to protect them and the families we build.

[To Katie]
Katie. As you know, you have just married a very stubborn and strong man. I know that he will always be there to protect you and to stand by you through every battle that life brings your way. Even when you’re angry with him, and need some more space. He will be right there. It is out of love that he stands next to your side. Try not to hold this against him.

[To Both of them]
One of the pieces of advice that stands out most to me, that I want to pass on to you both, is that Love and Marriage is a daily decision. Every day you need to wake up and decide that you are committed to your husband or wife. Regardless of the events that are going to unfold that day, you are deciding that you will work through and stand by your spouse through anything.

God created marriage, and it is through this holy matrimony, that you both will be blessed. He has created it as life long, submissive, commitment to each other. Often the world looks at God’s design as a marriage of bondage, and tries to reshape it. It will push you and pull you in various different directions. It will tell you that marriage is in the way of your own personal advancement, and try to persuade you to seek your own treasures. It is through these fires that your marriage will become stronger, and blessings will be forged.

[To All]
fruit-of-the-spirit-tree-marriage-life I’d like everyone to join me in raising their glass as we thank God that he has brought this couple together, and ask that he continue to bless them. That He may give them strength and knowledge, wisdom in the face of challenges, love, joy and patience with each other, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control, and peace within their home.

To Tracy and Katie.

CISSP Certification: Who should get certified

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CISSP Exam Guide

While I’ve been going through a study guide on getting CISSP certified, I’ve also been looking to get some feedback from other CISSP certified professionals.  I have come across other blogs, and opinions from security professions that question the validity of the certificate.

CISSP Certification Origins
Computer_Tradition_And_Security In the late 80’s several groups came together to create a standard to measure someone knowledge of information security.  Their intent was not to test someone’s skills in penetrating a system, or recovering from a failure or attack, but to assure the world that someone is aware of the issues and circumstances that could lead to loss within a system.

CISSP Times have changed
Towards the late 90’s and early new century, there seems to be a general consensus that the testing for CISSP was inadequate.  In fact there was a 17 year that was able to achieve his certification.  Since then, the requirements and the test have gone through many enhancements.  The ISC2 have actively been talking to security professionals and other CISSP certified individuals, looking to how they could improve the certificate and uphold its integrity.  The current version have the certification has been brought current with today’s standards on maintaining a secure environment, while not measuring someone’s technical skills to attack a system.

CISSP Certified: What does it mean
Security-Systems CISSP certification is not for an entry level person.  In fact, if an entry level person held his CISSP, I’m not sure that they would help in the decision to hire him.  CISSP certification is geared towards management and consultants.  It is important that an IT manager or executive have a CISSP in order to show proficiency and awareness of protecting the system that he is overseeing.  Keep in mind that total information security cannot be obtained by a single individual.  Executive support as well as management and staff education is required in order to secure a companies assets.  By holding a CISSP certification, a person is able to document their desire to maintain a secure and reliable system.

What do you think of CISSP?  I would be interested to know what other professionals think of the CISSP certification.



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CISSP Certification: Information Security and Risk Management

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CISSP Exam Guide

Starting at the Top
Management is ultimately responsible for the security of the information.  Often this task is put of on IT.  If IT is solely responsible for security, it becomes extremely difficult to implement an effective security practice.  In order for a well formed security plan to be put into practice within a company, upper management needs to by off on the practices and participate in the procedures.

Defining Information Security
information-security-cissp-laptop In order to protect your information, you need to first identify what levels of security are required for each type of information.  The classification of the data is something that can only be done by the owner of the data.  Management needs to identify who needs access to what information, and what risks are presented as a result of the exposure of the information.

Often IT is tasked with securing data, and later, when they try to implement the security protocols, they get lots of resistance on the new restrictions.  It is possible that people are no longer able to perform their jobs, or that it takes too long to perform their duties with the new measures in place.  This will lead to a retraction in the security protocols, and possibly an abandonment of security all together.  This scenario highlights the importance of management participating the definition of security, and the importance of the cooperation between management and IT.

Availability, Integrity, Confidentiality (AIC)
All protection levels fit into one of these 3 categories, as do all threats.

All systems need to be able to handle day to day operations.  They need to have the capacity to handle peak loads and need to be able to function in a reliable fashion in order to provide the company with the tools and resources needed to function.  In case of a disaster, fail safe measure need to be in place to get the systems back up and running as quickly as possible.

IS102-015 When a system is compromised, the validity of the data and information can be brought in to question, as someone may have abused the access they were able to obtain and maliciously have altered data.  Information about customers and services, can also come in to question when users accidently enter the wrong data, or put data in the wrong places.  Measures need to be taken in order to audit and regulate the systems to ensure that the accuracy of the data is maintained.

This is often what people think of when they are considering security.  Private information, or trade secrets could be obtained by an attacker of the systems are not protected.  However, staff needs to be aware of security concerns so that they can help avoid accidently exposing sensitive information to third parties, or other staff that do not need the access.  We all need to be aware of social engineering, social surfing, and the dangers of sharing your password with others.



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CISSP Certification: Security Trends

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CISSP Exam Guide

Escalating Concern
Caveman-information-theft The crimes of tomorrow are being considered today, and were yesterdays’ nightmares.  As dreams are accomplished, new dreams are created.  As crimes are accomplished, new crimes are created.  Each day brings a new concern.

CISSP focuses on stopping the eminent threats of tomorrow.  We need to recognize that the threats that we need to be most concerned with are the ones that we don’t even know exist.  There will always be someone that wants what you have, and you need to be ready to defend it and the people around you.

Computers were once large devices that took up buildings and only a few people knew how to use them.  Access was easy to control, as the user had to sit in front of it, and needed direct access.  The list of people that even knew what to do when they got to that seat, was limited, and the risks were fewer.  Today, access can be achieved from anywhere.  The mainframes that used to perform calculations for research, now hold our medical records, our money, military secrets, and corporate trade secrets.

Information Warfare
surprise-troops Information warfare has existed from the dusk of civilization.  People are competitive by nature, and are always trying get ahead of their neighbors.  It may have been how to hunter bigger prey, how to build a better knife, or even what plants are safe to eat and which ones cause death.  Now those trade secrets on how to get bigger game, and what will make you healthier, more beautiful, or even what will kill faster or more accurately are stored within computer systems and can be accessed remotely, not just by walking in a viewing the instructions.

As tactics increase, so does the need for better security.  In order to develop better security we need to develop layers of protection.  Each layer has a backup layer, and not only does each layer of protection and another safe guard, we also need to add layers of detection and layers of reporting.  While we hope that nobody breaches our security measure, we need to be ready to detect breaches.  And after we detect the breach, we need to be able to log and report it.  We need to be able to respond to these threats and prevent them from happening again.  Without a method to log and detect breaches, we have no way of being able to prevent them from happening again.



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Part II: Backup and Disaster Recovery

What do you need?
data-center-servers-backup In Part I, we discussed the 3 types of scenarios we are trying to meet.  We are looking to archive our data, recover from the occasional oops, and then of course the ever so important, disaster recovery.  While archival needs vary from holding data for a couple of weeks, a few years, 10 years or even forever, everyone needs to be able to recover from the occasional oops and, the heaven forbid, disaster.  Through out all three of these cases we are looking to maintain business continuity.  Enter our Backup and Disaster Recovery solution, or BDR.

Archival dictates how much storage you need. If you are looking to store your data for a few months, or even years, your requirements will be a lot less than someone who needs to hold data for 10 years or in the case of banking, forever.  The solution that I’m going to propose will be able to securely store your data for any length of time.  You don’t have to worry about cycling tapes.

data-compression-backupOur solution comprises of:
  1. Disk-based BDR device to be deployed onsite at client location.
  2. Built-in virtualization software that provides a Standby Server if a server fails.
  3. Features that enable recovering a single email, mailbox, file OR database.
  4. Redundant datacenters replicate data offsite coupled with services to recover data in case of site failure.
  5. 24×7 monitoring and maintenance of NAS device through Network Operations Center (NOC) on select models with various service plans.
  6. Comprehensive 3 year warranty standard with each BDR.

Oops! I deleted a file 
With our BDR, you can quickly load up a secure interface that will present you with your files.  Simply select a file and choose a destination to restore the file to, and your done.  You have just recovered a deleted file, without hunting through tapes, hoping that the one that you need is one site, and not at the owners house.

Oh No!  We lost the entire server!
data-recoveryMaybe you had a fire, a flood, or simply lost power to your air-conditioning unit, causing your servers to over heat.  A more common occurrence is the random filed hardware, from mother boards to hard drives.  In this case, our BDR can act as a temporary server, spinning up the last backup of your data from just 15 minutes ago.  And if you the whole building went down, you could spin up your last online backup from our servers, to put you back in business within hours.

The best setup with our BDR is to do regular backups through out the day to the local BDR, and then to push a nightly back up to our servers, offsite.  Giving you quick local backups, and quick data restoration, while still being able to send your data offsite in case of a major disaster.

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery solution is powered by the tried and true, enterprise backup software, ShadowProtect by StorageCraft.

Tape BDR
Could take up to 48-72 hours to restore a failed server* Built-in virtualization provides a Standby Server in less than 30 minutes
Often takes hours to days to restore based on where tapes are located Recover a single file or a single mailbox item in minutes
Offsite storage can be expensive and tapes are often taken to an employee’s home as an alternative Utilize our datacenter or replicate to another BDR at your own site
Recovering data from tape takes many steps and replacement hardware isn’t always available Next day delivery services are provided with the Standby Server ready to host servers

This solution is available by Verve Networks.

CISSP: Getting Certified – All-In-One CISSP Exam Guide

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All-In-One CISSP Exam Guide
Security-text Chapter 1 of the CISSP Exam Guide is pretty much just about the requirements of the exam.  I had already done some of this research, but it was good to have in the book.  It was a nice way to get started.  In order to take the test you need to have 6 years of experience in 2 of the 10 domains covered by the exam, and in order to validate your experience, you have to have a sponsor to corroborate your claims.  What I hadn’t realized was that the sponsor has to be someone already certified

10 Domains in the CISSP CBK
The CISSP exam will cover 10 different areas of study, called domains.  These 10 domains are also referred to as the CBK (Common Body of Knowledge).  The domains include the following topics;

World-wide Recognition
In the late 80s, groups from around the world got together to discuss security standards.  In 1989, the (ISC)2 was formed and the test was designed to measure professional competency.  Tests are now held all around the world, from San Francisco to Saudi Arabia.  Holders of this certificate receive world wide recognition as having a foundation in a wide range of security prevention.  Note that while the certificate is highly regarded world wide, it does not show or mark a specialty in any area.  The CISSP is designed to be a mile wide and an inch deep.  CISSP shows a great deal of knowledge and awareness of security in its whole.  When a breach happens with any corporation, ultimate the responsibility falls on management.  It is managements job to secure the company and assign or outsource the specifics of the tasks.  A CISSP certificate enforces a persons concern with security.



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Part I: Identifying the need

What do you need?
drive-disaster-recovery-backup When looking at backup systems, there are 3 types of scenarios we are trying to meet.  We are looking to archive our data, recover from the occasional oops, and then of course the ever so important, disaster recovery.  While archival needs vary from holding data for a couple of weeks, a few years, 10 years or even forever, everyone needs to be able to recover from the occasional oops and, the heaven forbid, disaster.  Through out all three of these cases we are looking to maintain business continuity.

I won’t go into much depth here as most people understand what their needs are for archiving data, and tend to just throw a bunch of hard drives at the situation.  Often archival needs are dictated by governing policies, and you are most likely already doing something about this.  After I go into more detail about file recovery, and disaster recovery, you’ll get a better idea of how archival fits into this whole scheme.


Oops! I deleted a file
computer-virus-bugs-clip-art-thumb3167674 We’ve all accidentally deleted a file and needed to recover it, or had users that have deleted files and needed to get them back.  A solid backup system will enable you to locate and recover a deleted file quickly.  If you’ve ever worked with a tape backup system, then you know that this isn’t quick.  First you have to locate the file in the backup application, then find the correct tape (which hopefully the tape’s physical label matches the system label) so that you can finally reload the original file.  This can be a pain in the butt.  Wouldn’t it be nicer if you could just click on it to restore it?

Oh No!  We lost the entire server!
In a major disaster, your whole business is at risk.  Whether it was a fire, a flood, or something more likely to occur, such as failing hardware, possibly from over heating or just wearing out, you are in a position that you need to recover your entire server.  What most people don’t realize is that even if you have a full back up of every file on your server, and all of the configurations, you will still be down for at least a day.  You see, before you can restore the files, you must first rebuild the server.  Reinstall the operating system, reinstall every single program on the server, and then begin reloading configurations and files.  If all of these backups are on tape, you are looking at 48-72 hours until you are fully running.

Finding a solution
backup-iomega-nas-drive There are many different backup options out there today.  If you are just starting this research process, you will be reading about hardware, software, virtualization, recovery… on… and on… and on…  Trying to sort out which software you need, which hardware it goes with, and then how do you recover if something goes wrong.  Finally you will settle on a solution.  Mostly likely either a tape solution paired with Backup Exex or ArcServe, an online backup like Mozy or Carbonite, or possibly a cloning application such as Acronis or Shadow Protect.  The best backup solution is somewhere in this mix allowing for a full recover in just moments, quick and simple file recovery, and the ability to take your backups offsite.

Please continue to part II, where the best backup solution is described.

Journey To CISSP: A look at how to get the world-wide recognized security certificate

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A little background
Security has been part of my duties since 2003, when I started working for a mortgage company as an analyst.  At this mortgage company I was responsible for the entire network and development of their pipeline management application.  Within the last couple years I’ve been thinking about taking a class to go in more depth regarding security, but decide on where I wanted to start.

computer-security Last week I saw an article about CISSP.  I figured that if I was going to take a class to learn more about security, I may as well take one that would lead to a certificate to show that I had the knowledge.  CISSP is recognized world wide, with classes and test in almost every country.  The requirements are managed by the (ISC)2, focusing on concepts and methods, rather than applications and techniques.

I first started looking for classes in my area.  Stockton didn’t offer any classes.  I ended up finding a class in San Francisco and Sacramento, and called them to check on pricing and scheduling.  The Sacramento company didn’t offer the class any more, and the San Francisco company was too expensive, with the cost being over $4000.  Within continued investigation I discovered several other class offerings in the $3000-$4000 range.  Since I can’t afford to pay this myself, I decided to get a book.

All in one CISSP Exam Guide
all-in-one-CISSP-Exam-Guide I started out at Barnes and Nobles website, thinking that I would find the best book and run over to the local store to get it immediately.  After settling on a book published in November of 2009, I looked it up on Amazon.com to check on reviews.  Later I found that most people were going with the “All in One CISSP Exam Guide” by Shon Harris.  The latest book was just published in January of 2010 and people seem to be raving about how great of a read it is, and how they were able to pass the exam on their first try.  The Fifth Edition of the All-in-One CISSP Exam Guide seemed like the best book of choice.  Now I just need to wait for it to arrive.






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